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6 ways to prevent the common cold spread in the workplace

Recently, my friends, brothers and sisters in the office all have a cough. Sneeze each other twice. Take turns coughing intermittently. Because at the end of the year like this Every time the weather changes The virus is starting to act every time. Actually, if you are sick, you should

How to take medicine correctly and safely?

It is correct to use the right medicine for the disease you are suffering from. But the most important thing is  “using the correct medicine”  with the medicine that the doctor has prescribed. There are medicines before meals, after meals, and prohibitions on taking certain medicines. So how to take

Can “Soda mixed with salt” really cure diarrhea?

It is another belief that has been with Thai people for a long time. “When does someone have diarrhea? At that time, there was a clear soft drink with a lemon flavor and salt, “more salty, less salty, depending on your preference. And does it really help

“Diarrhea”: What foods should and should not be eaten?

The hot and humid climate of our country It is a good temperature for bacteria in food to grow well. Therefore, in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the food we eat, You must be careful with the food at various restaurants as well. Choose a restaurant that

Why shouldn’t you? “Take medicine with milk”?

We always hear that medicine should not be taken with milk. But many people still don’t know what the real reason is. And if eaten together, will there be any danger or not? Tonkit360 has collected information that will help solve this question for you. Calcium in

Swan has a chance to contact Kimmich

Bayern Munich have hint they are ready to sell Joshua Kimmich. a 28-year-old midfielder who can play a bit at right-back if he gets the right offer. Chelsea are playing with the back light in the process of considering a purchase for Harry Maguire, the

Tonali debuts! Newcastle beats Rangers 2-1

Newcastle United beat Rangers 2-1 in a preseason friendly with goals from Miguel Almiron and Harrison Ashby, while Sandro Tonali. The field debut is real. Last Tuesday, “Newcastle” competed in a pre-season friendly match against Ibrox Stadium, in addition to calling on fitness, it was

‘Bayern Munich’ is fierce and warm, attacking non-league teams 27-0

Bayern Munich, the giant beer city Played the first warm-up game of the pre-season, attacking Rottach-Egern. Non-league teams messed up 27-0.Recent Bundesliga champions Traveled to collect in the southern German resort town of Tegernsee and last Tuesday played a friendly match with a local non-league club. The last