‘Bayern Munich’ is fierce and warm, attacking non-league teams 27-0

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Bayern Munich, the giant beer city Played the first warm-up game of the pre-season, attacking Rottach-Egern. Non-league teams messed up 27-0.

Recent Bundesliga champions Traveled to collect in the southern German resort town of Tegernsee and last Tuesday played a friendly match with a local non-league club.

The last time Bayern played against Rottach-Egern It was also a warm-up game in 2019, with the “Southern Tigers” winning 23-0. http://ufabet999.com

This time, Thomas Tuchel’s team took only 3 minutes to take the lead from Jamal Musiala before the hopeful young star. The same person will add 4 tablets,

Mathis Tell is the real one, 5 goals as well, while Marcel Sabitzer, who returns from loan in the second half, makes 5 more goals.

Serge Gnabry takes a secondary shot. Down is 3 goals, while Conrad Limer, a red plated midfielder double score

The other goalscorers on the list are Alphonso Davies, Nusser Mazraoui, Dayot Upamecano, Leroy Sane, Rafael Guerrero, Ryan. Graven Birch, Kingsley Coman and close the box with Sadio Mane in the 89th minute, however, the

Munich giants Concerned about Eric Choupo-Moting, the top scorer of the team of the previous season Had a knee problem from the hit. had to be replaced in the second half. Wait to check the symptoms again.