Boss Barca does not care about age, ready to take care of the Lewandowski spears.

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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has a high chance of moving to Barcelona this summer. When coach Xavi Hernandez opens his arms willingly accept.

Earlier reports from ‘ Sky Sport Deutscheland ‘ that Lewandowski. Who has the remaining contract until June 2023. Informed the agency that he did not want to continue. UFABET Because looking for a new challenge at the age of 33 carats.  

Of course, the target is Camp Nou , ready to lobby in every possible way to move out of the summer market. Instead of waiting until you become a free agent.  

which the attitude from Xabi in the press conference. Before meeting Getafe (15 May ) welcomes the Pol spear to the Catalan region if they really want to work together.

” If the situation has reached when it can really be bought – maturity is not my concern, ” the 42 -year -old explained. 

” We’ve already signed Dani Alves at the age of 38. ” 

“ Players these days take good care of their bodies. They are high professionals: Alves , Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Luka Modric , Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi . Example _ 

This August , Lewandowski will be 34 years old, but the form is still flashing in the 2021-22 season , scoring 49 goals in all items , 7 assists, winning the European Golden Boot as well.