Eric Bailly has revealed that his club has stopped serving desserts

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Manchester United centre-back Eric Bailly has revealed that his club has stopped serving desserts in the central canteen for a while. Not just coming to do when grabbing Cristiano Ronaldo to strengthen the army in the summer. Therefore, the previous reports were inaccurate.

The old adage that – eat fishy, ​​don’t eat sweet, common people – is an outdated opinion because it conveys the meaning of high dignity. used to discriminate against villagers at the market about the lifestyle of Pak Thong  

But in the world of professional athletes It has been proven that sugar is unnecessarily high in desserts. Contributes to easy injuries and slow recovery.  

As a result, players in sports that require a lot of physical activity to focus heavily on sugar control , especially Cristiano, rarely touches sweets between meals.  

It is told from the mouth Lee Grant said Dan back up the players ‘ Red Devils ‘ must emulate the owner of the Ballon d’Or 5 days resulted in a dessert chef training center of Aon Training Complex unemployed.  

However, Baiyi insists that the narrative is not true , and United players have given up dessert on their own. Find it not to ignore ‘ CR 7’

” I really feel that we stop eating sweets Ronaldo because they ignored before he came back ,” an interview with YouTube ‘ El Tiempo’s and Wu County .

“ All players quit sweets because it’s healthy … Sometimes you need to change yourself. ”

“ Why has Ronaldo been the best player for so long ? That’s because the body is good. You need to take care of it because it relies on your body. ” 

Ronaldo has been revealed to have hired a chef to cook his meals at home , a nutritionist and personal trainer. Try to keep your fat mass no more than 7% of your body weight.