Harry Kane is still a top target for Manchester City

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Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane is still a top target for Manchester City in the summer of 2022. That causing the 28-year-old’s concentration to be delayed as the season progresses this again.

A report from the ‘  ufabet  ‘ that even the City need to sell Ferreira Francisco Torres and goes to Barcelona in January to reach. But he is firm in his position, not thinking of adding a target spear to add fangs to avoid breaking Financial Fair Play rules .  

That’s because there are big goals in the summer for England captain. They split up at the end of last season but fell off the table due to a £ 150 million exploit . 

It is believed that by summer 2022, Kane ‘s price will be reduced by more than half. It is at the level that the ‘ Manchester City ‘ can handle, and completes the potential of the frontier.  

Alternatively, the City of Irvine Stallings browsing. The HaaLand of Borussia’s Dortmund Dortmund , who tore up the contract of 64 million pounds (75 million euros ). 

Incidentally, this news is not good for Spurs. Because it destroys the focus of the key spears. For example, this season we have played in 16 league games with just four goals and one assist.