Leicester beat Rennes 2-0 first match conference.

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Leicester went on to beat Rennes 2-0 in the Conference League round of 16 first leg. At King Power Stadium is the first round of 16 Conference League match. The football game continued until the 30th minute, Leicester City took the lead 1-0. Harvey Barnes came off the left before dragging in. And flowing into the middle of the ball, coming to Mark Albrighton, intercepting a full foot to pass the ball. plug in the net

In stoppage time, Rennes missed a golden opportunity, Jeremy Dooku slipped to the left and opened into the ball, being blocked at Jonas Martin. Who UFABET fired over the crossbar.

In the second half of the 53rd minute. The visiting team had a free kick on the left, Marcin Terrier half-shot, half-passed, the ball deflected to Nayef Aggerd, shot in the arm, Chaglar Soyuncu into the hand. Casper Schmeichel.

Then in the 74th minute Rennes had another chance, this time Marcin Terrier pulled the trigger fully, but the ball did not pass the defense of Kasper Schmeichel.

In stoppage time, Kelechi Ihenacho scored in Leicester’s 2-0 home win over Rennes, with their next game traveling to France next week.