Thomas Frank Disappointed that the team could not seize the opportunity

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Thomas Frank, manager of Brentford Disappointed that the team could not seize the opportunity before defeating at home.

The Bees lost 1-0 at home to Manchester City in the Premier League on Wednesday, leaving Brentford 14th in the Premier League, taking 20 points from 18 games.

“(The performance) is the best. The first half is unbelievable. We gave Manchester City one chance. We were missing six starting XIs. I am very disappointed that we didn’t get anything back.

“The little things in the competition, their goals. Of course we had three very good chances that we had to grab. In the second half it was difficult to approach them. We wanted to go higher but they only had 2 chances.

“We knew we were running after the ball a lot. that’s one story But I think these are the days when we lack the extra quality of making a difference. especially in the second half We need more set-pieces.

“It’s a good question (City are the best they’ve faced this season) whether they or Liverpool in the Premier League. Anything can happen but City are a good team if they don’t have too many injured players. I think they will win the title.”